Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Chocolate Disappointment

In the ongoing quest for the bacon candy bar, Tim and I stopped over at Chatham's Fine Chocolates today. We knew they had the Vosges Chocolate Bars, but we also knew they didn't have the bacon bar. When you walk in the door at Chatham's, the wall on the left is several small shelves with different truffles. Each truffle is displayed with a little card saying what kind of chocolate, the filling, etc. The wall on the right had a bunch of different kinds of candy bars. We saw the Vosges right away, but of course they didn't have the bacon. There was a guy there - I'm going to guess he was the owner, but I don't know for sure. He talked to us for quite a while about different chocolates and chocolate makers. We asked him about the bacon bar and he said it was brand new. He didn't have it in, and probably wouldn't order it until it got cooler to cut down on his shipping costs. He suggested another bar, though. It's a Zotter bar, made with dark chocolate, plums soaked in coffee, and caramelized bacon. He said it completely blew him away. Zotter takes a lot more pride in their chocolate than Vosges does. Whereas Vosges does the exotic stuff better, Zotter is all about the quality of the chocolate. He said I would love the bar. "The sum of the parts is better than it sounds" or something like that.

Tim doesn't like dark chocolate, and wanted to try a bar. We asked the guy in the shop for a suggestion of the best milk chocolate. He suggested Dolfin Chocolat Au Lait. He said it was Belgian milk chocolate in its purest form.

The two chocolate bars set us back $11. Expensive for two candy bars, but you have to indulge every now and then.

We barely got out to the car when I was tearing into my candy bar. Despite the 105 temps today, I just had to have a taste. We turned the air conditioning on high and dove in. I broke off a small piece of my bar and tasted it.

YUCK! I was horrified! The taste of plum completely overwhelmed the candy bar! I could barely taste the chocolate and there was absolutely no flavor of bacon. I was soooo disappointed.

Tim had a taste of his and said it was pretty good - I had a small piece and even though I'm not a huge fan of milk chocolate, I would tell it was very smooth and had a great flavor. His candy bar was the clear winner. Now that I think about it, I was kind of hesitant when he said there were plums in the candy bar, but I figured he probably know what he was talking about. It was a very sweet chocolate bar, even with the dark chocolate, but I was definitely looking for something that was a mix of sweet & salty.

We know some people who are going to Vegas in a couple of months and they said they'd be happy to bring me a bacon bar, so I guess we'll just wait. Tim didn't mind my candy bar, so he'll probably nibble on it. I would be willing to try another Zotter bar, but nothing quite this exotic. There were some with hazelnuts, pistachios, etc. that I would be willing to try. I was bummed out, though.

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