Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hour 14...and Counting

I'm exhausted. I have now been at work since 7:38 this morning and it's 8:46 pm. "Why do you do it, crazy girl?" you're asking right now...I don't know. Really, I blame my dad. My dad is a workaholic, and I learned it from him. I also blame him for my obsessive-compulsive need to be at least 10 minutes early for everything, but that's a completely different story. I had a conference call for three hours this morning and I really think it sucked the life out of me. Then one of my team members was out yesterday and today moving into her new house so I had to do both our jobs. One problem, though, we don't do the same job and I don't know how to do her job. I don't mind learning how to do new things, but when I'm rushing, and people are angry and impatient, it's kind of stressful.

I'm very careful about my "to-do" list. I arrived to work this morning with 16 items on my list and as of right now, I have 29. Three have been crossed off. Sigh.......

I'm going home to my boyfriend now - if he remembers what I look like. (I kid, I kid.) He's actually very sweet - whenever I work late, he doesn't yell too much, and he usually brings me dinner so I don't starve to death. Don't I have the best guy??? :)

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Carrie said...

Hey Tara! This is your cousin Carrie (well, second cousin I think). Your mom gave me the link to your blog - looks like you two had a nice trip to CA! When you get a chance, check out my blog: http://thereicheltfamily.blogspot.com You can see what we've been up to. I hope you had a few less things on your "to do" list today! ;-)