Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mission Impossible?

If you know me even a little bit, you know that there is nothing I love more in this world than bacon. Even when I was a little kid, I remember my dad shaking his head at me and saying "you'd eat the whole pound if I let you, wouldn't you?" The answer is yes. I love bacon. Given the choice between a nice juicy steak, a big chunk of chocolate, or the most amazing food on the planet, I'll take a few strips of bacon. There is a meat shop called Von Hansen's here in Phoenix that is based out of Minnesota. Not only do they have some uniquely Minnesota stuff (Gedney pickles, pickled herring, walleye, etc.), but they have a double smoked bacon that they make right there in the store. Wow. Even Tim loves this bacon. It's meat candy to me. It's like it almost tastes sweet. Even when you burn it, it still tastes fantastic.
This week, on the Chowhound board, a few people were talking about a bacon candy bar made by Vosges. We had heard they had the candy bars at Cost Plus and AJ's. I decided I had to have a bacon candy bar. Bacon and chocolate are my weaknesses. Sadly, though, we went to four AJ's and two Cost Plus stores, and couldn't find it.
We did get another variety, though. We got the "Barcelona Bar". It's described as "Hickory smoked almonds, grey sea salt and deep milk chocolate". The chocolate was perfect, although a bit dark for Tim. It was a mixture of milk and dark, more like. I love dark chocolate - milk chocolate is just boring to me. I took my first bite and the first thing I tasted was the chocolate and the crunch of the almond, which was good, but then I bit into a chunk of sea salt and the flavor of the whole thing just exploded. There were chunks of salt scattered throughout the chocolate bar, which just really made it shine. I love the sweet/salty thing. Anyone whose ever had a chocolate covered pretzel or peanut understands. I enjoy chocolate-covered potato chips, and have been known to crush potato chips over chocolate ice cream. This was a great candy bar. We're going to keep up the quest to see if we can find one, but we're probably going to end up ordering one online. Stay tuned - I'm on a quest!

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