Sunday, July 22, 2007

Occasionally, he gets his way...

I have a pretty great life. Tim is very good to me, and I almost always get what I want. Occasionally, though, I let him have his way.

My friend Scott, in Minnesota, sent me a link to a great website a while ago - Feasting in Phoenix. We've been loyal fans of this guy's food reviews, and most of our current favorite places are places we've tried because of him. Today, we read a new review of a hot dog place. It made us both hungry for hot dogs. I don't even like hot dogs, but about once a year I crave them. The place he went to isn't open on Sundays, but someone posted a comment about another hot dog place that he prefers - but that was closed too. After some searching, we found a place in Tempe that was open on Sundays, so we headed down.

Something you should know - Tim and I drive for food. Phoenix and its suburbs sprawls a LOT - it's very long and very tall. One of our very favorite breakfast places is about 45 miles away from our house, and the best barbecue we've found in the valley is across the street. We're faithful to both of these places, though. So no matter how far - if it's good food, we are willing to drive.

Anyway, we drove down to this hot dog place using Matilda as our guide. (Matilda is just a random name for Tim's GPS that we made up when we got her. We have no idea why we named her that, but she has been a lifesaver in many instances.) We got to the place and saw a "For Lease" sign in front of the building and it was pretty dark inside. Tim had read that they were opening a new location near ASU, so we drove over here but didn't see it. After some searching on Matilda and the internet via our cell phones, we still couldn't find an address. We were very close to Harlows, another favorite breakfast place, but they were closed for the day. Across the street, though, is the Cornish Pasty Hut. We have been there before, and I was less than impressed. I like pasties, but the one I tried the first time had zero flavor. By the way, pasties are basically pot pies that you eat with your hand. The traditional ones have sausage and vegetables inside a crispy, flaky crust. Tim really wanted to go there, though, so I humored him. I ordered The Royale with Cheese and Tim got a Carne Adovada one. We both really enjoyed it. Mine had ground beef, onions, mushrooms, bacon, and cheddar cheese. It was basically a big cheeseburger. Tim really liked his too. It was a bit spicy, but the meat was very good. It was a much better experience than the first time we went. I tried the Shepherd's Pie pasty and disappointed. The one I had today was definitely much better and I would go back without being forced.

So sometimes he gets what he wants, too. I like to let him think he has the upper hand, and he likes to let me think the same thing. It works for us. :)

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