Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Perfect Blend

I worked late again tonight, so Tim came over to my office and forced me to leave and we went out for dinner since it was 9:00 and neither of us felt like cooking. We ended up going to Red Robin. Not the most exciting place, but it was fast and cheap and we knew it would still be open. They have a new salad, the Apple Harvest Salad or something like that. It was mixed greens, grilled chicken, chunks of tart apple, goat cheese, and candied walnuts with dijon vinaigrette. I asked for bleu cheese instead of goat cheese. It was a great salad - the perfect blend of ingredients. It sounds weird, but when you get a little of every element on your fork, it worked perfectly.

Salads and work - living the dream, folks. I'm full of excitement lately. :)

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Yankee1969 said...

She liked it so much, she had another one for lunch today. :)