Wednesday, July 4, 2007

San Diego - Day 1

We had a great time in San Diego. We left last Friday night and headed to Yuma. We stayed in a hotel overnight and left Saturday morning for San Diego. We got there around 1:00 Saturday afternoon. The drive was boring, but not too horrible. There are two mountainous areas that were pretty cool. Tim's mom would have hated them. Right on the side of the road, though, there was this windmill farm that was very cool. They were HUGE, and very cool.

They're a little hard to see in these pictures, but they were so big, and they looked really sharp.

We stayed in a Hilton in the Gaslamp Quarter near the water. It was a great hotel. There were these two benches right outside:

The top one says "Remain Seated Please" - it's a little hard to read in the picture. They cracked me up. Tim thinks I'm weird.

We ate a late lunch at a Thai place in Hillcrest called Kitima Thai. The food was pretty good, but service was horrible. The waitstaff was rude and we had to ask twice for tea and silverware and everything. Then the check came. Tim always tries to guess how much the bill is going to be before he looks at it and when he saw it, he was shocked. When the server came over to collect the bill, Tim asked about the prices. He was charged $3.00 more than the menu price for his entree, and my entree was $2.00 more than the menu price. My drink was also $.45 more than the menu price. We weren't happy. They fixed it, but it just makes me wonder how many other people have eaten there and just haven't noticed.

Later that night, we took a walk in the Gaslamp and had pizza at this little hole in the wall place that does pizza by the slice. That was Tim's favorite meal of the whole trip. The pizza was pretty good (I'm not a huge fan of pizza, so I'm not a good judge) and we had some garlic knots. The knots weren't really cooked enough, not garlicky enough, and they were out of sauce to dip them in. They weren't as good as they looked in the case. Tim said the pizza was really good - great crust, nice and greasy, and the sauce was nice and spicy. I had a slice of pepperoni and Tim had a slice of pepperoni and a slice of meat pizza.

We mostly just took it easy that day. We were on vacation, so we decided to have one lazy day.

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Windmill Farms Rule!!!!!!!!!