Saturday, July 7, 2007

San Diego - Day 3

Day 3 in San Diego was Tim's big day. The whole reason for going to San Diego was because there was a Porsche show or something. I happen to think Porsches are ugly. Tim thinks I should be taken out in the street and stoned for that. Cars tend to bore me - I like it when I get in, turn it on, and go somewhere. Other than that, I have no need for a car that costs twice my yearly salary. That said, I was more than happy to have an excuse to go to California, so there we were. I decided that Tim would have a much better time at the show without me, so we split up for the morning.

When he left the hotel room, I jumped in the shower and headed out. I started out walking around the Gaslamp Quarter, but everything was closed - I'm guessing everything opens after 10 or 11 in the morning during the week.

Instead of walking through that area anymore, I headed for the San Diego "trolley", which is more like an above-ground subway. I bought an all-day ticket and spent a few minutes deciphering the map and schedule. When my trolley came by, I jumped on and headed for Little Italy. When we stopped at Little Italy, I looked around and didn't see all that much that looked interesting, so I kept going until I got to Old Town. It's a kitschy, touristy little area that shows how life "used to be." I walked through a candle shop where you could dip your own, a jewelry shop where you could pan for minerals, a general store, and other things. There was a house that was built by a very wealthy family that you could walk through. It was pretty interesting. Here is their backyard:

They had people who were dressed up and taking pictures with people, too. It was a cute little spot with even a town square.

After Tim was done with his car show, we met back up at the hotel and got ready to tour the USS Midway - the other reason Tim wanted to go to San Diego. On my adventure to Old Town, I discovered that it would be much faster to take the trolley to the America Plaza (screwdriver building) and walk down to the museum. The walk from the hotel to the museum wasn't that long, but for two people who are woefully out of shape and one person who's very badly sunburned, it seemed like a better option. On the way, we stopped for lunch in Little Italy. My earlier assessment was correct - it wasn't that interesting. We had lunch at a little sandwich shop and the food was "eh." Just okay - nothing special.

We arrived at the Midway and climbed up the thousands of stairs (I may be exaggerating) to the harbor deck. We were given headphones and the stuff for the audio tour. We proceeded to tour the ship, which was absolutely amazing. The one thing that I remember the most was in the focsle room. There were these really huge ropes coiled up on spools and a huge chain on the floor. I am sure these are the completely incorrect words to use, but I've never been in the military, so I'm not really sure what the real words are. Here's a picture of one of the chain links. That's Tim's size 11.5 shoe. Big chain.

In the park that's adjacent to the aircraft carrier, there was a really big kiss.

That night, I was in the mood for a burger. We did some searching online for a burger place and found a place that seemed to have good burgers in Ocean Beach. We headed down there and the place was PACKED. It was next door to a candy store, so we stopped in there, and the woman working there mentioned Shades had really good food. She was right - it was a great meal and the server, Kylie, was very nice. It was a nice night and we sat outside, right on the beach, too. We arrived just at sunset. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't turn out that great.

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