Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Wasted Day

The next time Tim wants to go car shopping for a car for me, would somebody please hit him really hard on the head?

We tried again, today, against my better judgment. Turns out I was right. We went to a Toyota dealership first. The salesman was great - very patient and willing to help. There just wasn't a car in the lot that fit our needs - either with what we wanted to pay, or what we wanted in a car. Then we tried the Honda dealership right next door. We drove a 2006 Accord and really liked it. The salesman was a hoot. He was in his late 60's and he reminded me of Grandpa V. Great stories to tell, and just a riot. I really liked him, and I really thought we would be able to work out the financing on that Accord. It was definitely the best experience we'd had all weekend. So we go and sit down and they take a look at my trade, and work up some numbers. I consented to having my credit pulled and then we waited. The guy comes out of the office and says "the car we drove isn't available - they just sold it to someone else." After some checking, there wasn't another car on the lot I wanted to try. I know it happens and people make mistakes, but the thing that really upset me was that they pulled my credit BEFORE checking to see if the car had been sold yet. Why??? There wasn't another car in the lot I wanted to buy, so if that car wasn't available, there was no reason to pull my credit.

I really hate car dealerships.

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Carrie said...

Holy cow woman! I can't believe the bad luck you've had buying cars. That's insane! Hope it gets better...