Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fenix Eatery

A little over a year ago, my very good friend Scott sent me a link to a food blog and we've been huge fans ever since. We didn't know this guy, but his taste in food seemed to pretty mirror ours. Most of our favorite places were found because of his reviews. Because we had been reading him for so long, we felt like we knew him and all of his friends.

He is also a regular contributor to the Southwest Chowhound board, which we frequent and contribute to, as well. Last week, we were invited to review a restaurant with him. We had a terrific time and great conversation. His review can be found here. Thanks for inviting us, Seth!

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Seth Chadwick said...


I should be thanking you and Tim. I had a wonderful time and thought the conversation was outstanding. It must have been because I thought we were all caught off guard it was 9:30 PM when we left.

You and Tim are just fun to be around and we all have wonderful food and life stories to share. That is what made the evening very special for me (although we really do need to have a potato chip intervention for you :o).

I look forward to our next get together. I am always up for something new and to do a review.

Best wishes.