Saturday, September 22, 2007


Tim and I bought a gas grill Labor Day weekend. We'd been threatening to do it for a couple of years now, but there was always something - the one we wanted wasn't in stock, we didn't have the money, whatever. We've used it a lot since we got it and we love it. I hadn't had a grill since I moved out of my parents' house and I forgot how nice it is to not have to heat up the kitchen and how great everything tastes.

We've been wildly successful with chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers. The only thing we had trouble with was steak. Tonight was the fourth steak I've tried. The first one was very tough. The flavor was pretty good, but it was almost impossible to chew. The second two turned out similar. The first steak was purchased at VonHanson's Meats and it was called "grill steak". I can't remember what cut he said it was, but it was extremely lean and probably wasn't the best choice for grilling. It would have been a lot better off marinating and then grilled. I bought two steaks at Safeway a couple days later and naturally, I can't remember what cut they were either.

One of the food blogs I read on a regular basis, Andrea's Recipe Box, had this post about steaks, which led me to another blog with a post about cooking steaks. This method intrigued me so much, I had to try it.

After breakfast this morning, I wasn't feeling well and I came home and took a nap. Tim was feeling a little restless, though, and decided to drive around aimlessly for a while. He came back with lots of goodies and one of them was a ribeye from Midwestern Meats. I used the salt method before cooking it and we fired up the grill. I grilled it about 10 minutes one each side at medium-high and when it reached about 155 degrees on my probe thermometer, I took it off. It was absolutely delicious. Certainly one of the best steaks I'd had in a long time. What a difference it makes when you buy a good cut of meat instead of the cheapest. Tim had a bite and he said the steak was so good it may even convert him. He has never really liked steak in the past, but he had several bites of mine and loved it. I'll turn him around in no time! My favorite part of the night, though, was just standing outside at 9:00 pm and it was only 82 degrees. We were watching our food cook, enjoying the gorgeous weather, and just talking. It was a good night. My man, my steak, and a lovely night. What more could a girl want?

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