Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Holy Grail

Through Chowhound and blogging, we've met some great people. One of those people is named Mike. We've never met him in person, but have chatted with him online on several occasions about food. Tim did a post on his blog a couple days ago about the elusive Vosges bacon candy bar. He got a comment from Mike saying that he had two of them and that we could have one. He came over this morning with it. If you remember, this is the candy bar we traipsed all over God's green earth looking for, to no avail. We came close at one candy store, but because of the heat in Phoenix, it was far too expensive to ship chocolate here. They said they would be getting it in the fall, so I've been anticipating it for months.

Well, Mike just stopped by our house about 10 minutes ago. We barely had enough time to take this picture...

...before I was tearing into it and making animal sounds of pleasure. First bite. Just chocolate. Second bite. Let it melt in your mouth, see what you can taste. Third bite. Fourth bite. I can feel the bacon pieces because they're crunchy, but they don't really taste like bacon unless I suck off all the chocolate and just eat the bacon. There is also some smoked salt in there. I can taste it, but barely. Not like the Barcelona bar. As a candy bar, it is very tasty. It was a bit of a letdown, though, because I didn't feel like the bacon was a very dominant flavor. I'm thrilled that I finally got one, but I wish the bacon flavor were a bit more pronounced.

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Geggie said...

I think my fave is the Naga bar, although I liked the bacon.

I just tried a Seeds of Change Narragansett bar yesterday! Delish! 61% dark cacoa, organic, with candied pecans, cranberries and orange oil. It tastes like fall! Lovely!