Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Breakfast

Most Sundays, we like to eat in. We sleep in, make breakfast together, and just kind of have a lazy Sunday. This morning we had French Toast and bacon. Tim got the bacon on his trip to Midwestern Meats yesterday. He tends to cook bacon much better than I usually do, so he was in charge of that and I made French Toast. We had some challah bread and I mixed some eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg and soaked the bread for a few seconds on each side and cooked them on our griddle. They turned out great.
The bacon turned out great too. We LOVE VonHanson's double-smoked bacon. It's almost sweet and cooks up perfectly. The stuff Tim got at Midwestern Meats is our new second favorite, though. It's got some of the sweetness and cooks up perfectly, too. A couple of weeks ago, we tried some of the applewood-smoked bacon from Hobe Meats, a butcher here in Phoenix. It was okay, although nowhere near VonHanson's, though.
I love Sundays - sleep in, good food, lazy day.

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Geggie said...

It was fried eggs, bacon, toast and organic yellow tomatoes for breakfast here.

Glad to see all is well in Phoenix. I'm looking forward to being there for Christmas.