Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Balsamic Chicken

This was the second recipe from Giada I've tried. The first was orecchiette with toasted breadcrumbs. I screwed it up, though, and added WAY too much salt and it was practically inedible. I would like to give it a try again, though, because it looks really good. Has anyone else tried this recipe with better results than myself?

The second was the balsamic chicken we had last night. It turned out great. Yes, I followed the recipe. Since Tim works from home, he mixed up the marinade and soaked the chicken. We used boneless, skinless chicken breasts instead of drumettes, because that's what we had in the house. I also forgot to top them with sesame seeds, even though we have some in the pantry. As I was getting home from work last night, Tim was leaving for the gym, so I put them in the oven while he was gone. The recipe calls for 450 degrees for 30-35 minutes, but I pulled them out after 29 minutes and they were slightly overcooked. I did not factor in the consideration of the bones vs. boneless. Although overcooked, they were great. Slightly dry, but not awful, given that they had been marinading for a couple of hours. The flavor was excellent and when we finished dinner, we were both commenting that we wanted more. Definitely a keeper, and it was great with the rice. Next time I make it, I'll pay better attention to the cook time.

By the way, when Tim got home from the gym, the reserved marinade/sauce had been bubbling on the stovetop for a while, and he said the balsamic smell hit you like a ton of bricks when you walked into the house.

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