Saturday, October 6, 2007

Special Treats

We were out and about this morning/afternoon and I picked up a couple of treats for myself. One is white truffle oil. I can't wait to give it a try. From what I can tell from a few other people, you don't cook with it - it's more like something you sprinkle on a salad, potatoes, or other things once they're done. The other treat I bought myself was Plugra. I read about it on another blog, Taste of Home and have been wanting to try some. I don't know much about it, other than that it's butter with a higher fat content.

Anyone have any suggestions for using my two new treats?


Geggie said...


For super simple....just drizzle the truffle oil on mashed potatoes. Also great on risotto or polenta.

As for the Plugra, it's my butter of choice. You can go wrong with just good bread. Hit Simply Bread and get a fabulous loaf, or LGO or even AJ's in a pinch and slather that butter on!

Tara said...

Thanks, Geg! I tried a bit of the Plugra on my baked potato last night, but didn't really get a good feel for the flavor. I had some truffle oil on french fries this weekend (at a restaurant) and I loved the woodsy flavor of the truffles, so I'm excited!

The Home Cook said...

I enjoyed my Plugra in mashed potatoes. The flavor really came through that way.

Geggie's suggestion of a good crusty loaf of bread slathered with Plugra had been my original plan but I never got around to buying the bread.