Sunday, October 21, 2007

Two for Two, Baby!

Roast chicken, night #2

Last night was the night to try the little chicken - the 3 pounder we got from Hobe Meats. We had brined it with the other one, but taken it out of the brine and stored it overnight. We did everything else exactly the same and put it in the oven. A couple of hours later, the thermometer beeped indicating it was at 161 degrees. We pulled it out and let it rest for 15 minutes. Tim went to carve it and guess what?! It was not cooked all the way! Now, we did cook it breast-side up, so that wasn't the problem, but we may not have had the probe thermometer in the right spot. Not sure what happened there. So once again, back into the oven. It turned out a lot juicier than the chicken the night before, though. It was still pretty tasty, but kind of disappointing that we had thermomether issues again. The rest of dinner was the leftover mashed potatoes and roasted garlic butternut squash. Tim loves butternut, but I hate it. He cubed it up last night and mixed it with some olive oil, chopped garlic, and parsley and baked it. It was delicious. I am obsessed with garlic, so I'm sure that had something to do with it. The butternut was merely a vehicle to get garlic into my mouth. We forgot to top it with parmesan cheese, though, which the recipe called for. I have no idea where he got the recipe, otherwise I'd link you to it. It turned out to be a pretty good dinner, even though it didn't happen in exactly the way it was supposed to.

We just got home from grocery shopping and I need to start dinner for tonight. After that, though, I'll work on this week's meal plan. Why do I have a feeling it will involve a LOT of chicken since we have about a chicken & a half left over? :)

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