Sunday, November 4, 2007


This was never supposed to be a food blog, but I get the feeling it's turning out that way. I think the reason for this is the fact that food is the only interesting thing going on in our lives right now. Other than what I cook for dinner, every day is the same - get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed. We're pinching pennies right now so we don't go anywhere or do anything that would be considered noteworthy.

November begins a time of craziness. My birthday is in a couple of weeks. Less than that, actually - on the 17th. I've never really enjoyed my birthday for a variety of reasons. I've never known for sure if that was actually my birthday so I don't know if I'm celebrating on the right day. The short version of the story is that I was born in Korea and about a month later, I was abandoned and then found. The orphanage gave me a name and a birthday and then 4 months later, I was adopted. The birthday they gave me is still the day I celebrate, but it's always felt a little off to me. I'd almost rather celebrate the day I was found or the day I was adopted, but it's habit to celebrate November 17, so that's what we do. It's a day that's always been just a little melancholy for me.

After my birthday we have Thanksgiving. It turns out L and M won't be here to have dinner with us, so it will just be the two of us. It would have been great seeing them, but they were having a tough time finding someone to watch their dogs on the holiday. I wish we had someone to spend the day with, though. It would be nice to have someone to cook for other than the two of us. I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but I don't love that it's just the two of us. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. No gift-buying or huge pressure. Just food, family, and football. Given that Tim and I aren't much for sports fans and we have no family here, this year will just be food. Last Thanksgiving we went to Maine for Thanksgiving, which was nice. His mom prefers us to be there for Christmas, though, so she made sure that happened this year by buying us the tickets! :)

Anyway, L and M are having Thanksgiving with M's family on Friday and then a group of us are going out to celebrate L's birthday. She loves her birthday, unlike me. :) The first week of December is Tim's birthday, and right after that is Christmas. We'll be in Maine for Christmas, which I'm thrilled about. Maine is beautiful and relaxing, which I think it just what the doctor ordered.

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