Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas in Maine, Part 4

Have I mentioned that New Englanders are obsessed with L.L. Bean? We ended up with two gift cards, so we figured we would go shopping at some point. I also got a cute little tote bag with paperwhite bulbs in the "yankee swap", which I really liked, but couldn't fit into the suitcase. L.L. Bean has a great policy on returns, so we knew we could just go and get a credit.

The day after Christmas started with another breakfast at The Kopper Kettle. This time, they did have the biscuits and gravy and Tim was happy. He said it was very good. My favorite part of both breakfasts was the toast, surprisingly enough. It's homemade bread cut into about 1" thick slices - it was great.

After a filling and satisfying breakfast, we headed to his mom's house. She went on her lunch break at noon and it would be the last opportunity we would have to see her before we left. On the way, we stopped at his sister's house to pick some stuff up and say goodbye to her, Pete, and the boys.

After visiting with Tim's mom for a while, we headed to Walmart to get me some more cold medicine, cough drops, and tissues. Before I tell you this next part, let me explain just how miserable I was. I hadn't slept very well, I was struggling to breathe, I was coughing constantly, my nose was running, and I was just all-around unhappy. Okay, so here goes. We get to Walmart and discover they don't have any Puffs tissues - only Kleenex brand. I prefer Puffs because they're softer and don't tear, and my nose was already raw. I also HATE the Puffs Plus with the lotion - they're nasty and gross. We get to Walmart and they don't have any Puffs. I was about two seconds from throwing myself on the floor and having a tantrum. So we bought the other stuff we needed, and headed out. Then, we stopped at a grocery store to check for Puffs. If they hadn't had them, I was on the verge of tears, so luckily, we were able to find them. I don't normally go into a rage or burst into tears because of tissues, but in my defense, I was very sick. :)

That night we had dinner at Joe & Deb's - fondue. We've done it there before, and it was good, as always. Unfortunately, I could taste next to nothing because I was so sick.

Thursday we headed home. We left at 5:00 am and got to the airport VERY early, but Tim was nervous because of the freezing rain and the promise of a snowstorm. Our flight out of Boston was delayed about an hour, and our flight out of Newark was a little late, too. Despite these delays, we made it home relatively on time.

Now that we're home, we're settling back into our lives and trying to recover. I am still sick - it's been over a week, and now Tim has gotten sick, too. At least he waited until after we got home to get sick. I have a four-day weekend for the new year, so I've been resting a LOT. Thanks to the good people at DayQuil, Robitussin, Puffs, and Ricola, I may live to see the new year!

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