Sunday, December 2, 2007

Send Blankets!

Friday and Saturday were strange days here in Phoenix. I am speaking, of course, about the rain that fell for about 48 hours straight. This wasn't "Phoenix rain" where there are 15 drops every two hours, this was real rain.

The temperatures got into the 50's and it turns out that the 5+ years I've lived in Phoenix have turned me into a real weather wimp. Apparently 50 is just too chilly for me these days. I know my family and friends in Minnesota are dealing with a huge ice and snow storm this weekend and I'm soooooo thankful I don't live there! A friend of mine said the temperature on Friday was 3 degree above zero. No thanks - 64 was cold enough for me!

Quick funny story - Friday night after dinner, Tim was a little stir-crazy (he works from home and doesn't get out of the house much!) :) so we did a little shopping. As we were driving to Fry's Electronics, it was raining pretty hard. The windshield wipers on my car were making that awful scraping noise that they make when they're worn out. Wiper blades tend to dry out and crack during the long summer months when it never rains, so they don't last long in Phoenix. That noise drives both of us nuts, although it was definitely making Tim more grumpy than myself. After Fry's we went to Walmart to see if we could buy replacement blades and they were almost completely wiped out. It was almost comical. We went to Target, but the new Super Target near us doesn't sell them so we would have to wait until Saturday morning. After breakfast Saturday morning, we stopped at Auto Zone. We pulled up to the store and right in front of the car was the garbage can - FILLED with old wiper blades and wiper blade packaging. We both had a good laugh about it. Apparently the automotive supply stores were packed this weekend. That's what happens when it hasn't rained in months and months.

As of 8:45 Sunday night, it's 52 degrees. Someone send blankets! Oh, if you're in Minnesota, hope you manage to shovel your way out of your house soon. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Yankee1969 said...

It didn't help the wiper buying situation that Tara's car is a Toyota Camry, one of the higest selling cars for many, many years in a row.