Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Maybe it's the mood-altering drugs, the stress at work, the 8 strips of bacon I had for breakfast, the wart on my big toe, the new shampoo I've been using, or the antibiotics, but I had two very strange dreams Friday night. (Okay, only a couple of those things are true - I'll let you decide!) The dreams were one after the other and had a similar theme.

I told Tim about my dreams and he almost fell out of his chair laughing, and I told my co-worker, D, and she has suggested I get some help.

Dream #1:
Tim and I were visiting my hometown in Minnesota. My friend Leslie (California) was there, along with one of my co-workers (Arizona), Tim's brother (Maine), and some guy I don't know. Apparently people flew in from all over the country. We were going to another town about 20 miles outside my hometown for dinner at The Melting Pot. (Trust me, this town doesn't have a Melting Pot - they just barely got a Walmart a couple years ago.) Anyway, we were sitting there eating, and at some point, Tim got up to go to the bathroom and the other guy got bored and sat up at the bar and talked to the bartender. We were all getting ready to leave and paid the bill and got into the car. It was snowing and raining, so I had to sit on the hood of the car on the way home and wipe off the windshield because the wipers didn't work. Every time they turned a corner, though, I fell off the hood and they had to stop and pick me up again.

About halfway home, I realized we had left Tim back at the restaurant. Since I was on the hood of the car taking care of the snow, I hadn't heard my cell phone ringing over and over. He had left a few messages, and with each one, he was getting increasingly more and more angry. Once I realized what had happened, I was upset and basically in hysterics. (This is probably the point where Tim got out of bed and said I was whimpering). So I drove back up to pick up Tim and he was all happy with me, but I was still feeling pretty guilty.

Dream #2:
Tim and I are at my parents house in Minnesota, celebrating Christmas with my ex-boyfriend and his family. (That would NEVER happen). We were going to go out to my grandma's campground for dinner and gift exchange and we were getting everything ready at the house. Just a side note, my grandma died almost six years ago and her campground hasn't been operational in at least 10 years, if not longer. Anyway, at one point, someone told me that the song The Devil Went Down to Georgia was about chopping basil and not about playing the fiddle. I knew that I could chop basil better than the devil, so I was sitting on the floor, chopping basil and everyone was watching. Anyway, Tim had brought my Christmas present to the house and it was in this huge box and it was really heavy, and every time someone picked it up, it sloshed like there was ice water in there.

Once we got the present into the car, we all went to the campground. Since it was Christmas in Minnesota, there was like a big circus tent set up with heaters so we wouldn't all turn into popsicles. I'm sitting at a table eating my Christmas dinner when I realize I'VE LEFT TIM BEHIND AGAIN!!!!! He's standing outside the tent, yelling at us to let him in (apparently the doors and windows were locked. Nice trick for a circus tent) One of the things he yelled was, "Tony, the least you could do is let me in after you took advantage of me and Tara last night!" WHAT???

Oh, and my Christmas present from Tim? It was hundreds of ears of corn in ice water.

I really have to have my medications reviewed.

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