Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's My Own Damn Fault

It really is. I went to the haircutting place and really didn't know what I wanted. And because I'm such a doormat, I almost got talked into something I really didn't want.

I had kind of an idea in my head of how I wanted my hair to look. Maybe something like this:

I wasn't entirely sure, though, and I figured I would look at the books they usually have in the waiting section and get a better idea. Well, this place didn't have any books, so I tried to explain it to the guy. He said "no, I don't see that on you. Your hair is too straight and your face is too big." Gee, thanks. So I asked what he did see on me. This is what he wanted to do:

Can you picture me in this asymmetrical cut? No. So then another stylist walked over and started talking to me and told my stylist that style wouldn't look good on me. He was pissed at her, but I was soooooo grateful. Then she said "I'm sorry I just ruined your plans, John, I'll just leave," and I said "No, please don't go!" So he didn't like me much either. So I told him just to cut it into a bob. I'm not in love with it, but at least I don't look like this. I'm sorry, but that is just UGLY and anyone who knows me knows that that is NOT me at ALL!

I know it's just hair, but yeesh. I have standards, ya know.


Carrie said...

OMG I was scared for a second there that you DID get the "Rosie" cut. Good thing that other gal stepped in!

Carrie said...

I forgot to need to post a pic so we can see how it turned out!!!

Geggie said...

Oh I giggled! Maybe you'll grow to like it more?

Tara said...

Just to clarify - my hair is in a bob right now and it's okay. I don't mind it, but it's not what I wanted. I hate it when you have something in mind and they sit there and tell you that's NOT what you want and do their own thing anyway.