Thursday, April 10, 2008

World's Worst Friend?

Yup. That's me. I'm the world's worst friend. No wonder I don't have any friends!

I forgot my cell phone at work last night and when I got to work this morning I checked it. Last night, I had a missed call from my friend C. Her daughter, J called and said "Hi, Tara, am I ever going to see you again?" Yes, her 6-year old daughter called me out. I worked with C for about 10 months at the place of evil that is now under federal investigation for fraud. We became very close friends, but I really bonded with her little girl. She's my favorite little girl in the whole world, but it's probably been at least a year since I've seen her. Possibly longer. That's terrible. World's. Worst. Friend.

Then later this afternoon, I get an email from S, giving me a two-month update on her new baby. Two months and I still haven't met the baby. I haven't met Tim's new nephew yet either, but he's in Maine. S and J and the baby live like 30 miles from here. No excuse.

And L? Haven't talked to her in months. In fact, I think she mentioned to me they were going to be in town during March. Did I bother to find out when they'd be here? See if they needed a place to sleep? Nope. World's. Worst. Friend.

I've been so busy working, I've been totally neglecting my friends. And it's not like there's a million of them! I'm a terrible, terrible friend.

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L-L-L-Leslie said...

Nope! I take the cake on this one...I WAS in town in March and I didn't really see any of my friends (except sarah because she lives by the airport where michael flies and she just had a baby). You can't neglect friends that are neglecting you. I still love you, if you still love me!