Friday, April 4, 2008

Yes, I'm Still in a Rut

I really don't have much to update you on right now. Literally all I do is work and work-related stuff. I've started reading tons of books and listening to CDs about mortgages. Exciting stuff, huh? Tim hates when we get into my car and we turn on the radio and it's some guy talking about adjustable rates. :) To me, interesting. Him...well, not so much. I can see that. When I say it's "interesting" to me, I may be stretching the truth a bit. I'm hoping to be successful at this job, though. Well, I'm hoping to make a lot of money. Let's be honest. I'm learning a lot and working a lot, and now I'd like to start making a lot.

I have been dipping my toes back into the cooking pool recently and have had terrible results. Two nights ago I tried making hummus. Um, yeah, that's something we need to get on the outside, apparently. It was DISGUSTING! It all went into the trash and I'm still shuddering to think about it! I have seriously lost my mojo. I used to be able to do this, and I was pretty darn good! I made some pasta thing a few nights ago too, and while I didn't like it at all, Tim said it was okay.

Last weekend, Tim and I were at Walmart to look for a light bulb for our kitchen. Personally, if we can't see what I've been cooking, that's totally fine with me, but Tim disagrees. So as we were leaving after determining they didn't have our kind of bulb in stock, we were just about to go through the detector things when we saw the 97-year-old woman at the door who can't even stand by herself try to stop a guy who had stolen a sandwich. She was shouting at him to stop and he just kept walking, and then she started yelling "enjoy that sandwich! Enjoy it!" As soon as he got outside the store, he took off running. What's wrong with people? I'm sure he had the money to buy the sandwich, so why didn't he just do that? And why do they have people standing by the door who can't even walk? The next night, we went to a different Walmart to look for the light bulb again and as we were walking into the store, the beeper went off and the guy kept walking. The 100-year-old woman called out to him, but he didn't hear. There were two guys walking in the door the guy was trying to go out, and they blocked him from the door and turned him around so the lady could check his bags.

Oh, you're never going to guess what happened to me yesterday afternoon. I went to the Walgreen's by my office to pick up a couple of things and as I was leaving the store, I saw that the car to the left of me was about to back out. I didn't open my car door, just kind of stood there waiting for him to back out. He obviously didn't see me, and he started turning the wheel as he was backing up. Well, his side mirror ended up hitting me in the rib cage. (Yes, I'm short - for most people it would be like their hip or their leg. Whatever.) It hurt a bit. He didn't even know he hit me, though! He didn't even pause! You'd think that at some point, he'd look up and see someone standing there clutching their side. Duh. Tim pointed out to me last night that I'm probably lucky he didn't pin me between the cars. My side is a little sore today. When I touch it or if I lean against it, I can't definitely feel something. No bruise yet, but we're waiting. Sheesh...

Okay, that's it for today. I haven't posted anything in a while, and these are the things I'm thinking about today.

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Geggie said...

Oh my, you ruined hummus? How does that happen?

I hope that you're doing well!