Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fired via Email

Have you ever met anyone who was fired over email? I hadn't until recently. This person's boss (one of her bosses), the president of the company fired her with a four-sentence email. Wouldn't you assume that the president of the company would be a bit more professional than that? And then to top it all off, he tells her to call if she wants to talk about it, but when she calls, he doesn't pick up the phone. And when she sees him in the hall, he just looks away and can't even look at her. Professional? No. Try gutless. Childish. Unprofessional. And a whole bunch of other words I'm too much of a lady to write on this blog.

This is why I'm looking for a job again. I was fired via email on Tuesday. I work for two people - they each pay 1/2 of my salary. One of the guys decided Tuesday that he doesn't want to work with me anymore and doesn't want to pay me, effective that day. Yes, the president of the company. The one who so valued me five months ago that he just couldn't let me leave when I wanted to and when I had some opportunities. Same guy who would have done almost anything to keep me in the company. Same guy.

So let's review here. My salary was cut at the beginning of the year by 41%. Ouch. That really hurt. (It was cut because of "performance issues", which coincidentally came up the day after I returned from being out of the office for a week due to pneumonia and bronchitis) And now? The remaining 59% of that has been cut by an additional 50%. My wages now are equivalent to that of a McDonald's worker. I'm sure they get treated a bit better, though. When I started my career 14 years ago, I was making more money than I am today.

I started out Tuesday pretty stunned/shocked/blindsided. Yesterday I was a mess - crying, panicking, freaking out. Today, I'm just pissed. Oh boy, am I pissed. Even today, the president's office is right next to mine and he walks by me and I said "good morning". He said "morning" without even looking at me. Did I do something wrong? No, actually, I didn't. I know this for a fact. He's just a coward.

What a way to run a business.


Andy said...

The guy sounds like a real loser...maybe it's better that you no longer work for him.

Good luck w/ the job search!

Carrie said...

Oh wow! You're right - what a coward! I'm so sorry...that totally sucks. I'd be ticked off too!