Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here We Go!

Today it reached 100 degrees for the first time. It's actually pretty late in the year for the first 100 degree day, from what I understand. I actually haven't left the house yet. I spent the entire morning and so far this afternoon lying in bed and relaxing. Ahhh, heaven.

I'm becoming adjusted to the heat, for sure. I'm the pathetic Phoenician who gets chilly when it's 80 degrees now. My family in Minnesota is ashamed. :)

Tim hasn't been feeling well for about a week. Last weekend, we tried a couple of restaurants we hadn't been to before, and at some point, we both ate something that didn't sit well. Around Wednesday, my stomach stopped churning, but his stomach is still upset. We've been having a pretty quiet week while he rests.

I went in to work for a few hours yesterday, which was loads of fun. I had two piles that needed to be taken care of. I took care of one of the piles (the easy one), and then started on the second and decided I wanted to come home. I hate working on the weekends because I work 10-14 hours a day during the week. Since Tim was sick, though, and basically slept all day, I figured I could go in and be productive.

Not much else has been happening around here, which I hope explains the lack of posts lately from both of us. Tim has been on call for what seems like forever, and has been sick for about that long too. I'm starting to get a bit stir crazy, though, and may need to leave the house at some point today.

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Carrie said...

Man, I am SO GLAD I don't live in AZ! I don't know how you do it! Especially when 100 is just the beginning...