Saturday, June 21, 2008

Looking Up

Things are starting to look up a little. For anyone like me who was viciously, maliciously, undeservedly fired via email, (who, me, bitter?) the best advice I can give you is to sign up with a bunch of staffing agencies.

Here's what's been going on this week:

Remember the interview I told you about? I didn't get the job. I think it's probably for the best. While the money was good, it would have been a huge adjustment for me - going from a corporate to a manufacturing environment. Although they did wear jeans every day! It was a long drive and not necessarily what I was looking for.

The same agency that sent me on that interview is also scheduling an interview for me at a land development company in Scottsdale. Ah...more my type of thing. Money is even better, and it's in the real estate/development industry that I enjoy so much. It's much closer to home, and everything she's told me about it so far sounds great. She said they may not start interviewing until after the 4th of July, which isn't surprising, but she's keeping me updated.

A different agency has me temping last Wednesday through Friday and all of next week with a non-profit organization. The people are great and the organization is really cool. It's called AWEE - Arizona Women's Education & Employment. They started long ago as a resource for women who had been displaced - divorced, abused, etc., and needed some assistance in finding work. They have since branched out to help women, men, troubled youth, and ex-offenders with their job skills. They have workshops for resume writing, interviewing skills, career, exploration, computer skills, and a bunch of other topics, they have a clothing bank to help people with finding professional clothing, they have a computer lab so people can come in and work on their resumes or use the internet to find jobs, and a number of other things. It's a terrific organization and I'm so happy to be working there for a week and a half. It's lovely to make a difference in someone's life.

After my assignment ends there next Friday, I begin another assignment with yet another temp agency that goes for 3-4 weeks. Woohoo!

Working is good. Making money is good. My temp jobs don't make me a ton of money, but at least I'm out of the house (Tim is thrilled about that part) and trying to contribute to the household income!

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