Friday, July 25, 2008

Doing a Happy Dance

I got the job, I got the job, I got the job, I GOT THE JOB!!! Hooray!

Happy Anniversary!

I have a confession to make. Tim and I met on the internet. On a dating site, of all things. Yup, I admit it. I used to be embarrassed to tell people that, but it’s so common now, that everyone I tell either met their boy/girlfriend online or knows someone who did. Let’s face it – once you get to a certain point in your life, it’s hard to meet people. I had moved to Arizona in 2002 for another guy and after we ended our relationship, I had no idea how to meet other people. I worked in the office from hell with a bunch of jerks, so I knew that wasn’t the way to go about it. At the encouragement from a friend, I joined and Yahoo Personals. I met Tim through Match, I think. We were both on both sites, so I can’t remember the specifics.

Our first date was four years ago today. We went out for sushi and to a movie. Sushi was at Blue Wasabi, a sushi bar in north Scottsdale that was running a deal at the time where if you wore blue on Sundays, you got 50% off your bill (and their wasabi really is blue). The restaurant was fairly new at the time and we loved it. In fact, we went every single Sunday for at least a few months. After a while, though, we started to realize that it was becoming a major asshole hangout and it came to the point where I didn’t want to go anymore. Plus, I got a bit sushi-ed out. I like it, but every week for a few months was a bit much. Tim, on the other hand, could eat sushi three meals a day every day.

After dinner, we went to see a movie and I learned that Tim is the kind of person to laugh out loud at movies, like me. After the movie, we walked out to my car and he said “well, I don’t know when I’ll be able to see ya again. See ya around.” Gee, thanks. In his defense, he was working weird hours at the time and they were the exact opposite of mine, so I knew what he was talking about. I got in my car and called my friend L and told her the date was a disaster and a waste of time and the guy didn’t even like me. And then I turned the wrong way down a one-way street and hung up. A week later, we went out again. And as they say, the rest was history.

After four years, I still think I’m a pretty lucky girl. He’s so easygoing, he lets me be the bossy control-freak I am. :) We do joke all the time that we’d make a terrible eHarmony commercial because we are definitely not compatible. I love country music and he hates it. Ditto Everybody Loves Raymond. He loves sci-fi and I hate it (it’s that whole suspension of disbelief thing). Same with Formula One. I’m a workaholic of the very worst kind and he’s not at all. I have an unhealthy obsession with being on time (which means early) for everything and he tends to be of the fashionably-late mindset. He’s laidback and I’m definitely a Type A. For whatever reason, though, it works.

So here’s to four good years. Love you, honey!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still Fighting Boredom

I miss working. Three months ago, I couldn't have imagined saying something like that, but I really do. I miss feeling useful, like I've contributed something to the world. Plus, I'm a terrible workaholic and sitting around the house all day goes against everything I believe in! Yeah, I miss working - a lot. I don't miss slaving 14 hours a day for no money for unappreciative jerks, but I do miss working.

My friend D told me Friday that she received a call from the company I've had three interviews with. They were checking my references, which leads me to believe they're getting close to making a decision. I've felt all along that I was going to get this job, but it was just a waiting game.

So....still fighting boredom, depression, and insomnia. I'm hoping for an end soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


What inspires you? One of the things that inspires me is music and it has always been important to me. My family is musical - my grandmother in my stepmom's side is a pianist/organist and my grandfather was a band teacher and conductor, and plays pretty much any instrument you put in front of him. I started taking piano lessons at a young age, and in 5th grade, I started playing the flute. I quit taking piano lessons when I was a junior in high school for a lot of reasons. I got very busy with school, my part-time job at a grocery store, band, and sports. I also had a hard time finding a teacher I felt was right for me. I grew up in a small town in Minnesota and the options were limited. I'd had the same teacher for about 8 years, but at a certain point, I think I outgrew her. I wasn't born with a musical gift. I'm not naturally talented, but I did work very hard at it and I was good. My sister was born with the gift, but she quit piano lessons after only a couple of years and quit band too. Neither of my brothers lasted in piano or band very long either. Music taught me so much - discipline and passion, to be specific.

Yes, I was a band geek. Here's the weird thing, though. In my school, band was pretty damn cool. The cool kids were in band, not sports. It's okay, you don't have to believe me.... :) The music department in our small high school was one of the best in the state. My grandfather, as a high school conductor himself, had a great deal of respect for my conductor. The number of music department trophies and awards far, far outnumbered any other department's.

Band is where I made a lot of friends and had some of the best experiences of my young life. The summer between 9th and 10th grade, we took a trip to Traverse City, Michigan to participate in their Cherry Festival competitions. The spring of my junior year, we went to Florida and spent a week at Disney, also competing. The summer after my senior year, we went "out west" to Wyoming, Colorado, etc, to compete. Those trips were wonderful experiences and absolutely some of my very best high school memories. It breaks my heart that none of my siblings stayed with it and were able to have these experiences, although they obviously had their own wonderful experiences.

My conductor, Mr. R. was my hero. He had been a teacher a long time and he was loved by everyone, because he truly loved his students and his passion for music. He was hard on us sometimes because he wanted us to live up to our potential. I loved him almost as a second father. He was the teacher you went to if you wanted advice because you got into a fight with your boyfriend, or if you needed help with your homework, or maybe had problems at home you wanted to talk about.

Mr. Hollands Opus was playing on AMC tonight and I was reminded again of my relationship with him and my relationship with music. After high school, I attended college for one year and joined the band program, but my high school was far advanced compared to this band and I was quite frustrated. Since then, though, I haven't found a lot of opportunities to pursue my music. Back in Minnesota, I did join a community band for a year, but since moving to Arizona, I haven't even picked up my flute. I bought a piano about ten years ago, but sold it about 4 years go, so I haven't played piano in ages, either.

My iTunes is packed with classical music, although not nearly enough. Every now and then, I'll hear a song we played in high school, and I'll get goose bumps because I remember how I felt playing that piece of music. It takes me back.

Think about music - I'm sure you have at least one or two or ten songs that remind you of a certain time of your life or a certain person. Music is a powerful thing and it inspires me.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still Waiting

The third interview for the job went well last week Wednesday. Both guys I interviewed with (the two owners) said a couple times "well, you're exactly what we're looking for". I'm thinking that's a good sign, not to mention that they've had me there three times to interview me. I still haven't heard anything, though. They were moving into a new office building at the end of last week, so I wasn't really expecting to hear anything. The move started Friday and went through the weekend, so I'm hoping to get a phone call or something the beginning of this week.

My friend S called on Thursday and said that K heard from someone who heard from someone that they were going to make me an offer. It's just a waiting game at this point, I guess.

On Tuesday, I get to babysit for S's little baby. Baby P is about five months old and soooo precious. I can't wait to spend a whole day playing with her! I love babies when they're that age - they're developing their own little personalities, and they don't seem to cry as much!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

He's Very Good To Me

Yes he is. Here it is, 9:23 pm Tuesday night and he's making me popcorn because I have a strange hormonal craving for it. Altogether now....awwwww.

*I am not pregnant - ignore the hormonal comment*

In other news, I have a THIRD interview tomorrow for the job I'm hoping I'll get. Stay tuned...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

How Was Your Long Weekend?

We had a great 4th of July weekend. Because of the whole getting fired thing, I actually had a 6-day weekend. I haven't worked in almost a week.

Thursday we were awakened quite early in the morning by someone calling Tim about work. He got up early and was able to sign off early. Around 3:00, we decided to head to the 4:45 showing of Wall-E. We got to the theater, bought our popcorn and licorice and settled in. The movie was very good. I didn't LOVE it like I loved Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles and the humor was just a little different. Very good, though. There were parts that were freaking hilarious and parts where even Tim started to get tears in his eyes. I won't give anything away for people who haven't seen it, but I definitely say go see it - it's great.

After that, we decided to have dinner at our very favorite Thai restaurant - Osha. We love that place and if finances allowed, we'd eat there every week. It's a cute little family-owned place with mom and dad in the kitchen and daughters and aunt in the front. If it's been a long time since we've been there, they always harass us and ask us where the hell we've been. They know our usual orders too.

Friday was pretty low-key, but we did decide to head to Tempe to check out the fireworks at Tempe Town Lake. We wanted to avoid the festivities (drunken crowds) at the actual celebration, so we parked at a shopping mall just east of it and watched the fireworks from there. They were pretty good. They set them to music and it was obviously impossible to hear the music, but it was fun.

Yesterday, we headed to Wicked Bakery, a cute little bakery a couple miles from us. We got some treats and decided it's our new favorite place. We then headed to Gilbert to have late lunch/early dinner at Joe's Farm Grill, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives recently. We had been there once before it was on TV and really liked it, but it's a 50-mile drive and we hadn't been down there since. Well, there was one time right after the show aired that we drove down there, but the line to get in stretched forever and we went somewhere else. Yesterday, though, it was nice and quiet and we had a great meal. After eating, we did some shopping and came home and watched Juno. We received it from Netflix a LONG time ago, but never got around to watching it. I loved it. Definitely see it, if you haven't already.

I was supposed to start another temp job tomorrow, but I don't know yet if that's still on. The lady at the temp agency was supposed to call me Thursday to let me know if it was still a go, and I haven't heard from her. So I figure I'll get up and get ready to go to work tomorrow morning and just try to call her when she gets in the office.

I had a second interview for my friend's company on Wednesday of last week. It went pretty well, but it sounds like it's going to be at least a week or two before they make any decisions. I really want this job. From the sounds of it, it would be perfect for me. And "perfect for me" sounds like a nice change of pace from my old jobs.

What did you do this weekend? Hope it was fun!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Independence Day, Americans! Enjoy your long weekend and please be very safe.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Things Sure Have Changed

Around this time ten years ago, I was starting to think about looking for a new job. I was working for a huge insurance company in St. Paul, MN at the time and was pretty unhappy. There were a lot of reasons, but I knew it wouldn't work out to stay at the company. Back then, I didn't even own a computer and to be honest, didn't really know how to use the internet. I did it the old-fashioned way. Sunday I went and bought a newspaper and scoured through the "Help Wanted" ads. I then typed my resume and some cover letters at work (don't tell anyone!) and printed them off on cream-colored resume paper. I mailed out 7 resumes. From those 7, I received 7 phone calls, 6 interviews, and 6 job offers.

I don't know if I thought it was always going to be that easy or what. For the next few years, any time I wanted to change jobs, I just did it. I didn't even have to work that hard at finding a new one. It seemed like there was always someone who wanted to hire me.

It is now 10 years later and I've probably sent out 75 resumes and not one of them has been on cream-colored resume paper. Can you even still buy resume paper? No, everything is done via the internet.

As far as my job search, things are still plugging along. I finished my temp assignment yesterday (Monday) and had an interview in the afternoon. The interview was for a company where two of my friends work. We all worked together at "The Bad Place". When my friend Stephanie heard I'd been fired, she forwarded my resume to her HR manager. It took them about 4 weeks to call me, so I had written them off. They called last week, though, and scheduled an interview. It went pretty well, but I wasn't sure if she liked me. Steph called me last night and said that after the interview, she overheard the HR manager tell the hiring manager she really liked me and wanted me to come back for a second interview.

As I was typing the above paragraph, I got a call from the HR manager and I have a second interview tomorrow afternoon. I've said all along that I had a good feeling about this job. After the interview was scheduled, I called the HR manager to ask for a job description. She said they didn't really have one, but she called me to talk about the job. We ended up talking for about a half hour about the position. After that conversation, I felt like "okay, I'm going to get a job there." I have had a very strong feeling about this job.

I certainly hope to find something soon. I have another temp assignment that starts Monday, but I'm not looking forward to it. It's in a very scary part of town and it's a long drive. Tim and I drove down there a couple weekends ago and the building was surrounded by a metal fence topped with razor wire. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. I'm hoping I get this job and they want me to start Monday and I won't have to go. If I don't get the job, I'm going to have to do this temp assignment so we can pay some bills. So cross your fingers - I will cross mine as soon as I'm done typing!