Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still Fighting Boredom

I miss working. Three months ago, I couldn't have imagined saying something like that, but I really do. I miss feeling useful, like I've contributed something to the world. Plus, I'm a terrible workaholic and sitting around the house all day goes against everything I believe in! Yeah, I miss working - a lot. I don't miss slaving 14 hours a day for no money for unappreciative jerks, but I do miss working.

My friend D told me Friday that she received a call from the company I've had three interviews with. They were checking my references, which leads me to believe they're getting close to making a decision. I've felt all along that I was going to get this job, but it was just a waiting game.

So....still fighting boredom, depression, and insomnia. I'm hoping for an end soon.

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