Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Things Sure Have Changed

Around this time ten years ago, I was starting to think about looking for a new job. I was working for a huge insurance company in St. Paul, MN at the time and was pretty unhappy. There were a lot of reasons, but I knew it wouldn't work out to stay at the company. Back then, I didn't even own a computer and to be honest, didn't really know how to use the internet. I did it the old-fashioned way. Sunday I went and bought a newspaper and scoured through the "Help Wanted" ads. I then typed my resume and some cover letters at work (don't tell anyone!) and printed them off on cream-colored resume paper. I mailed out 7 resumes. From those 7, I received 7 phone calls, 6 interviews, and 6 job offers.

I don't know if I thought it was always going to be that easy or what. For the next few years, any time I wanted to change jobs, I just did it. I didn't even have to work that hard at finding a new one. It seemed like there was always someone who wanted to hire me.

It is now 10 years later and I've probably sent out 75 resumes and not one of them has been on cream-colored resume paper. Can you even still buy resume paper? No, everything is done via the internet.

As far as my job search, things are still plugging along. I finished my temp assignment yesterday (Monday) and had an interview in the afternoon. The interview was for a company where two of my friends work. We all worked together at "The Bad Place". When my friend Stephanie heard I'd been fired, she forwarded my resume to her HR manager. It took them about 4 weeks to call me, so I had written them off. They called last week, though, and scheduled an interview. It went pretty well, but I wasn't sure if she liked me. Steph called me last night and said that after the interview, she overheard the HR manager tell the hiring manager she really liked me and wanted me to come back for a second interview.

As I was typing the above paragraph, I got a call from the HR manager and I have a second interview tomorrow afternoon. I've said all along that I had a good feeling about this job. After the interview was scheduled, I called the HR manager to ask for a job description. She said they didn't really have one, but she called me to talk about the job. We ended up talking for about a half hour about the position. After that conversation, I felt like "okay, I'm going to get a job there." I have had a very strong feeling about this job.

I certainly hope to find something soon. I have another temp assignment that starts Monday, but I'm not looking forward to it. It's in a very scary part of town and it's a long drive. Tim and I drove down there a couple weekends ago and the building was surrounded by a metal fence topped with razor wire. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. I'm hoping I get this job and they want me to start Monday and I won't have to go. If I don't get the job, I'm going to have to do this temp assignment so we can pay some bills. So cross your fingers - I will cross mine as soon as I'm done typing!

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Glenna said...

I really hope hope hope for you that this job comes through or something even better. You know what occurred to me? I work for a large hospital and we've had people who apply via the internet or even just taken in an application and either they get lost or it takes up to a month or so for it to be forwarded to the right department. I'm wondering if you looked at your top picks, went and got resume paper, printed it out, and took it in in person if it might make a difference. Do it the old-fashioned way. Remember how they used to tell us to check back once a week just to remind them who we were and how much we wanted the job? I'm curious if it still works....????

Good luck either way. I really hope you find something wonderful soon.