Friday, August 29, 2008

I Slept Through The Whole Damn Thing

I love thunderstorms. Love, love, love. I used to be really afraid of them, but I distinctly remember one night my stepmom said to me, "I'm not going to have you go through your life afraid of storms. Let's go." And she dragged me to the porch and she showed me how cool they really are - we watched the lightning, counted until the thunder came, drank hot chocolate, and bonded a bit. Ever since then, I love storms and anxiously wait for them every monsoon season in AZ.

Last night was a doozy of a storm - check out the slide show from our local paper. Wow is all I can say. The bugger of it all is that I was freaking exhausted last night and I missed the whole thing!


Carrie said...

I have NEVER been in a thunder storm like I have in Minnesota...I remember back in the mid 90's...I think I was there for Anne's wedding...I was sleeping at Roger & Elaine's and I was woken up by this ENORMOUS clap of thunder! In that split second between sleep and awake, I seriously thought that two planes had crashed right above the house! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed the storm. We had one the other night - it was beautiful! Your youngest brother also called while watching a storm at SAFB the other night. Thanks for the warm fuzzy !! Love you, Your Stepmom