Friday, August 29, 2008

Why I'm Working This Weekend

This was my desk as I was leaving tonight. (I've blacked out some of the stuff, including company logos).

Let's go left to right, shall we? On the left, we have a couple pieces of paper. What you can't see in this picture is the pile to the left of that they fell off. It's about the same size as the two other big ones. That pile will take me about two hours to get through. Right next to that is a stack of blue files. That is something that was dropped on me just this week. It will take me about 6 or 7 hours to get through that pile.

Then we have my iHome iPod clock radio and a really, really, really old iPod (both gifts from Tim. Honey, if you're reading this, I'd really like an iPod Touch now. Thanks!) :)

Then you see my computer. What I've blacked out on the screen is my email program that currently has 42 unread emails. I was in a 3.5 hour meeting early in the day, and a 2 hour meeting late in the day. The entire day was spent covering for the receptionist who took the day off, preparing for meetings, and sitting in meetings. I came out of said meetings with more work.

Next to the computer is pile #3. It will take me approximately 8-10 hours to get through this pile.

Then we have several small piles. About 2 hours.

To the right of that (couldn't fit on the picture), we have another pile. That should be relatively easy to take care of - an hour at the most.

You also can't see the pile of stuff to be filed that's underneath my desk.

I really like my job, though. I love the people I work with and I am learning so much. I love having the responsibility, now I just wish I had time to get everything done! So, that's where I'll be spending my weekend. Sigh....

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