Saturday, April 4, 2009

They're Back!

Last year when I lost my job, I found myself with a nasty case of insomnia and when I did manage to sleep, I had some seriously strange dreams. Well, it seems they've started again. Last night's dream was very interesting....

It started out innocently enough with me taking college classes, which I will be doing shortly. I had my laptop bag on my shoulder and I was walking around the campus technology center, which was L-shaped and looking for a place to sit. All the seats were taken and for some reason, the only way for my laptop would work was to plug it into one of the desktop computers that were there. As I was walking up and down the rows looking for someplace, I noticed that there were two plasma televisions on the walls that belonged to my old boss at the mortgage company.

As I noticed this, the boss at my last job walked down the aisle and asked me to go and get her some fat-free frozen yogurt, and she handed me $10. So I walked down to the frozen yogurt place and stood in line for ages. When I finally got up to the front of the line, I asked if they had anything fat-free and the guy said no. I was very upset and next thing I know, Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear and Taye Diggs came up and gave me a hug to try and comfort me.

Suddenly, I found myself in my high school. I was walking toward the front doors when I noticed that they had added metal detectors to the entrance. Considering where I went to high school, that's highly unlikely. My hometown is extremely safe. At any rate, I noticed a guy who was dressed in scrubs like a doctor and he got to skip the metal detectors. Then when he got in the door, he grabbed this big rolling cart of bread dough and started pushing it down the hall. I had a really bad feeling about it so I turned left down one of the hallways. I passed my English professor from college and I made a gesture to her to look at the guy dressed as a doctor. She ran over to him to see who he was and he killed her.

And, obviously, that is when I woke up. So yeah, unemployment is no good for my subconscious, apparently.

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