Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some News and a Funny Story

The news: I got a job. As of next Monday, I will be right in the middle of the mortgage industry again. Scary? Yes, just a little. It's an industry I had hoped to wait out a few years, but they offered me a job and that's hard to come by these days!

Company X is a big company, so the interview process was quite rigorous. Not as bad as some people have had, though, like my frend C, who had to write an essay about why she wanted to work at the company she was applying to. It was pretty involved, though, and it seemed to take forever.

Luckily, though, they offered me the job. I will be woefully underpaid for what I will have to do, but given that this company isn't likely to go out of business anytime soon, and there will be lots of advancement opportunities and great benefits, it's not as bad as it sounds.

So, the story. This gets filed under "What The F--K???!!!"

One of the things I had to do in order to start work is fill out a bunch of paperwork, of course. Your typical I-9 (yes, I'm a citizen), and fingerprinting (no, I don't think I'm wanted by theFBI). I set up a time to go to one of their local offices and complete these two items. I was sent an email with directions to the office and instructions on what to do. So I arrive and their electronic fingerprinting system is down, so they're a little behind. No problem - what else did I have to do that day? So I'm waiting, along with five or six other people. Then she walks in - she's wearing denim shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush and a glittery, sequined, spaghetti-strap top. She walks over to the security guard and says "I'm here for my first day, can you tell me where the call center is located?" He asks her name and she tells him and he consults his list and says "I'm sorry, I don't have you on my list." She says, "Well, I was told to come down here today." So the security tells her he will have one of the recruiters come out and figure out what's going on.

So she takes a seat in the lobby with the rest of us and a recruiter comes out and says "How can I help you?" So the lady repeats her story, that it's her first day, and she was told to come here. The recruiter says "Who told you to come down here?" and she says "I don't know. I filled out my application online yesterday and someone told me to come down here to start my first day. I can't remember her name. But I was the top collector at Company Z." The recruiter says "okay, so you filled out an application online, but no one has contacted you?" and the lady says yes, but then adds that she's not sure if she filled it out right. She then mentioned that she went to the local branch of Company X and the teller told her that the call center was located down here. I'm guessing she asked the teller at Company X where the call center was, she told her, and in her head, that meant she was supposed to show up there asking for a job.

Seriously? The woman was probably in her late 40s or early 50s. Had she never been through a job interview process before? She said she worked for Company Z, which is also another large bank - did she not have to interview there, or at least wait for a phone call? Hmmmmm.....

People are weird.

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What a fruit loop!